Leanne + Forrest | Featured on Wedding ChicksJuly 25, 2016

Leanne and Forrest’s charming outdoor wedding took place on the beautiful grounds of Jackson’s Landing with a ceremony space that overlooks the city of Columbia out in the distance. These two were the most fun to work with & nothing quite says “southern” like their 18-member wedding party, all close friends and family, dressed in perfect shades of pink and grey.


I first met Leanne + Forrest when we did their engagement session out at the beautiful ruins of Old Sheldon Church. Ominous clouds were looming overhead, but they braved the weather and we were able to get some beautiful photos in between killing mosquitoes & dashing to sit in the car to avoid getting soaked by spurts of rain. It was quite an adventure, but they handled it like champs & I knew their wedding day would be just as relaxed & fun!

On the day of their wedding, the sun was shining brightly (no more rain clouds for us!) and everything had been designed to perfection by Melanie Murphy and her team from By Invitation Only. Leanne and Forrest shared a private first look to start the day, exchanging gifts & saying a prayer. For their ceremony, they posted a sign to kindly ask guests to “unplug” their phones and cameras in order to be fully present and to savor the sacred moments of their worship-filled ceremony. Standing at their birch wood alter, draped in greenery, Forrest’s father officiated their ceremony and invited the wedding party to surround the bride and groom for a sweet time of prayer before announcing them as husband and wife. The rest of the night was filled with dancing under the twinkle lights, “yoo-hoo” drinks to accompany the toasts and a fireworks display to cap off the night!

And I was grateful to see the images from their pretty pink summertime soireé featured over on the Wedding Chicks blog! You can see their feature by clicking here!

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The vendors from Leanne + Forrest’s wedding included
Photography: Casey Edwards Photography
Coordinator & Stylist: Melanie Murphy, By Invitation Only
Florist: Lexington Florist
Videography: Black Mountain Photo & Cinema
Rentals: Party Reflections
Photobooth: Shutterbooth
Invitation Design:Create the Cut
Gown: Melissa Sweet
Groom + His Men: The Tie Bar