Mrs. Kaci Freeman | BridalsMay 23, 2016

summer-bridal-portraits-field_0200Meet the new Mrs. Redden Freeman! I’ve known Kaci (pronounced the same as my name!) since all the way back in Elementary School. We went to the same church, the same school & we would hang out & have sleepovers as often as our parents would allow. I have so many fun memories from my childhood with Kaci: climbing into barn lofts making forts, running around in fields, playing “school” and making up crazy dances. So, when Kaci contacted me to photograph her & Redden’s wedding, I was more than thrilled to capture this season for them! I love that photography has allowed me to reconnect with old friends & walk alongside them during their engagement!

Kaci chose an absolutely beautiful setting for her bridal portraits & it was right down the road from her house! These gorgeous fields & barns provided a gorgeous backdrop during this sun-drenched evening. I think you’ll all agree with me that Kaci is a completely stunning bride! Oh & you won’t want to miss the special visitors we had join us out in the field (scroll down to find out who)!!summer-bridal-portraits-field_0207 summer-bridal-portraits-field_0206 summer-bridal-portraits-field_0204 summer-bridal-portraits-field_0213 summer-bridal-portraits-field_0203 summer-bridal-portraits-field_0209 summer-bridal-portraits-field_0208 summer-bridal-portraits-field_0214 summer-bridal-portraits-field_0215 summer-bridal-portraits-field_0212 summer-bridal-portraits-field_0211 summer-bridal-portraits-field_0210 summer-bridal-portraits-field_0217 summer-bridal-portraits-field_0218 summer-bridal-portraits-field_0216 summer-bridal-portraits-field_0205

Meet our visitors, the cows! They all came over & mooed up a storm, just staring at Kaci!

summer-bridal-portraits-field_0202summer-bridal-portraits-field_0224 summer-bridal-portraits-field_0220 summer-bridal-portraits-field_0223 summer-bridal-portraits-field_0221 summer-bridal-portraits-field_0222

  • Robin Haynes said:

    Kaci could not be more beautiful! The photos capture her essence and are just stunning!

    • Casey said:

      Thank you Robin! I could not agree more! :)

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