Hello, Mexico!April 7, 2016

On this day 6 months ago, I had a fresh fruit smoothie in hand and was probably sitting poolside reading a book and looking out over the ocean. For the first time all year, I had one week to unplug from technology and spend each day doing leisurely activities with my new husband. Having gotten a stomach virus immediately following our wedding, I was beyond grateful we’d waited a week between our wedding day and our honeymoon; it made our time basking in the Mexican sun even more blissful. We stayed at a beautiful resort on the Riviera-Cancun coast. When I didn’t have my eyes closed taking a nap, I was constantly in awe of the beauty that surrounded us. The ocean breeze, the huge palm trees, that gorgeous blue water….it’s safe to say that it wouldn’t have taken much convincing to get me to stay!

riviera-cancun-mexico-honeymoon_0094 riviera-cancun-mexico-honeymoon_0095 riviera-cancun-mexico-honeymoon_0089 riviera-cancun-mexico-honeymoon_0092 riviera-cancun-mexico-honeymoon_0115 riviera-cancun-mexico-honeymoon_0098 riviera-cancun-mexico-honeymoon_0093 riviera-cancun-mexico-honeymoon_0117 riviera-cancun-mexico-honeymoon_0113 riviera-cancun-mexico-honeymoon_0087 riviera-cancun-mexico-honeymoon_0085 riviera-cancun-mexico-honeymoon_0116 riviera-cancun-mexico-honeymoon_0088
When you’re a wedding photographer & there’s a beautiful wedding happening pool-side, you can’t help but snap a shot or two! I’m loving all those flowers! 🙂
riviera-cancun-mexico-honeymoon_0114 riviera-cancun-mexico-honeymoon_0100 riviera-cancun-mexico-honeymoon_0102 riviera-cancun-mexico-honeymoon_0103 riviera-cancun-mexico-honeymoon_0112 riviera-cancun-mexico-honeymoon_0104
All the photos of me were of course taken by my sweet husband, Aaron. He snapped this last one without me knowing & later told me, “I’ve got skills…and I knew you’d like that one!” Guess he knows me well!

Since the majority of our photos were taken by the ever faithful iPhone, it only seems right to end this post with two of my favorites. The first was taken the moment we arrived & grabbed a glass bottle of our drinks of choice: Orange Fanta & Coke Light! The second was another of Aaron’s sneak shots while he sat in the shade & I wandered around by the edge of the water on our last day in paradise!