Blair + James | Columbia, SC WeddingMay 20, 2016

With pops of color everywhere, the most gorgeous sunny weather, and a bride & groom whose easy-going, cheerful personalities set the tone for the entire day, this spring wedding was an absolute joy to capture! The first time I met Blair & James (or Jim or Jimmy…I learned on the wedding day that he has quite a few nicknames!), was actually via Skype after they had just moved to Atlanta! Even through a screen, it came across how happy & easygoing these two are & how they perfectly compliment one another. We met in person just a few weeks before their wedding & instead of being stressed by lots of little wedding details, we enjoyed a laughter-filled conversation just getting to know one another better, and of course, talking through a few wedding day logistics in between.
That same lighthearted attitude carried over into Blair & James’s wedding day, and it was one of the most stress-free weddings I’ve ever captured. Sure, things weren’t perfect (they never are on a wedding day!), but Blair & James both had a wide smile on their face the entire day, knowing it wasn’t about the little things. Their cheerfulness carried over to the bridesmaids, groomsmen, family & wedding guests. With James’s family & friends in town all the way from Wisconsin, it was a day full of heartwarming hugs & gleeful celebration. Add in all the colorful details of their wedding design, sunset light that made my heart sing (scroll down & you’ll see what I mean), even a last name that has a delightful ring to it & it’s easy to see why these images are so radiant! Without further ado, let’s meet Mr. & Mrs. Rosemeyer! (I told you, isn’t that a beautiful last name?!)columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0143 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0144 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0145 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0146 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0147 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0148

I just love this cute flower girl’s cross & dress!columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0149 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0150 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0151 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0152 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0153 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0154 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0155 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0156 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0157 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0158 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0159 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0160columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0161 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0162 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0163 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0164 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0165 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0166 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0167 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0168 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0169 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0170 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0171 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0172 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0173 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0174 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0175 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0176 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0177 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0178 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0179 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0180 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0181 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0182 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0183 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0184 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0185 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0186 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0187

Blair & James stepped out of the reception with me to get a few more portraits together & I was SO glad they did, isn’t this light unbelievable?!columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0188 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0189 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0190 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0191 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0192 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0193 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0194 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0195 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0196 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0197 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0198 columbia-sc-senates-end-wedding-0199